Just The Way We Are

I cant get it wrong no more, Im being me just right. Ive thought this through and now I know only I can shine my light.
Only I Can Shine My Light Jeremy Hess

Believe in yourself. Thats the message Just The Way We Are brings to children, from preschoolers through the primary grades.

The husband-wife team of Jeremy Hess and Peggy Treiber talks with young people, tells them stories, and sings with them encouraging them to see they are beautiful and powerful beings just the way they are.

Encourage means to empower someone, to give them courage, and young people need to know they create their lives by the choices they make. If they get angry, for example, they can express it in a way that hurts, or they can find a way to channel it and make their world a happier place. Thats the message of Mad Maggie, an edgy look at a little girl who screams and stomps around when things go wrong until Dad intervenes. The book is a staple of Just The Way We Ares presentation because it allows the audience to participate. And after every performance, at least one parent in the audience will applaud Maggies Dads solution.

Treiber and Hess write the books and compose the music that accompanies them. Treiber is a published author and columnist. Hess is a lead singer and bass player in The Off The Wall Band. Both have won national awards for their writing.