About Peggy

Who am I?

I am a writer and author, a storyteller, a blogger, a mother, a wife, a friend and a good steward of the Earth. I am you. I write stories about my life, but my readers tell me it’s their lives, too. That’s because we are all connected, and I really like that.

I like to see myself as a spiritual being having a human experience. Theologian and philosopher Teilhard de Chardin said that, and it resonates with me.

My belief is that when we find joy in our daily moments, we brighten the world. When we hold that joy, we uplift ourselves and those around us. Like sound waves that beam into space, our joy is a vibration that flows out from us into the universe.

And it’s always possible to choose joy. Somedays it may be just a tiny piece, other times it blankets us. But in our most ordinary moments, there is joy to be harvested.